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Just Announced: 2019 Corso Pilota Dates

| January 31, 2018

Ferrari Westlake Invites You to Experience The Official Ferrari Driving School, Corso Pilota.

Enjoy the ultimate 2-day all-inclusive on-track Ferrari experience while refining high levels of Ferrari driving performance in a controlled environment with professional driving instructors.

Corso Pilota is comprised of four progressive levels: Sport, Advanced, Evolution and Challenge. During the two-day programs, Ferrari owners will learn various driving techniques including threshold braking, weight transfer, managing acceleration, identifying the ideal driving line on track and discovering the limits of vehicle adhesion in both wet and dry driving situations.

Package Includes:
• Two days of hands-on driving Instruction
• 5-star accommodations
• Champagne reception, group dinners and lunches at track
• Commemorative event memorabilia
• Shuttle transfers between hotel and track

Ferrari owners who would like to bring a guest along may do so for an additional fee.

Please refer to the 2019 Course Schedule below for the complete list of course and location offerings. {Dealer Name} and MAG clients are afforded the special opportunity to attend an exclusive Sport Course on September 19 & 20, 2019 in Las Vegas, NV**.


Course Levels


A 2-Day course for a total of 21 attendees, the “Pilota Ferrari – Sport Course” is an intensive, tried and tested program of professional and didactically effective instruction in a controlled environment with focus on individual participants. Sports driving techniques are learned through track activities and include car control exercises on a low grip skid surface to help you get an accurate feel for the true performance of your Ferrari, telemetry analysis and hours of 1-1 on track lapping instructions. Classroom instructions on CTS technology, driving dynamics and lapping orientation.


Reserved to 18 participants, who have completed the Sport Course, The Advance Course is the natural next step in expanding Ferrari driving skills on a controlled race track environment. Participant will learn to drive Ferrari to their maximum ability and will acquire advanced skills in fast driving and vehicle control, course instruction is tailored to suit the technical abilities and driving style of each individual participant. The various specialist activities covered include track sessions with on board data acquisition systems and telemetry analysis, track driving with a pace car, vehicle control under limit conditions, a final skill-based competition with driver rankings.


A 2-Day Ferrari Driving Course limited to 15 participants who have completed the Advance Course. Designed for racing preparation through highly personalized instructions, the Corso Pilota Evolution including lapping in 488 GTB, F12berlinetta and 458 Challenge EVO race car.

The course program covers a series of practical exercises such as: continuous telemetry analysis of track times with and without a pace car (in greater detail than on the Advanced Course), finding the car’s limits in cornering and optimizing overall driving performance with the aid of chronometric analysis. Over both days of the course, these exercises culminate in participants’ using the 458 in Challenge Championship set-up. The program leads up to a series of track time trials with final rankings based on participants’ driving skills and abilities.
Previous participation in a Pilota Ferrari – Advanced Course is a prerequisite to registration


The Challenge course takes the sports driving concepts developed in the three previous levels to their natural conclusion and it is restricted to 12 participants who have completed the Evolution Course. It is designed to offer customers a superbly professional and technically evolved service and approximately 75% of track time is spent on the Ferrari 458 Challenge EVO race car to ensure progressive improvement of driving techniques and performance.

The dynamically structured course program is based on timed driving sessions on the track. Participants are therefore given an opportunity to become familiar with basic racing techniques like starting and overtaking, as well as the procedures for the various stages of a race, car setup methods and race rules. Graduates will be IMSA certified to pursue Ferrari Challenge Series racing in North America.


2019 Calendar

North America

Homestead-Miami Speedway
April 16-17 – Sport
April 18-19 – Sport
April 23-24 – Sport
April 25-26 – Advanced

Monticello Motor Club
June 17-18 – Sport
June 19-20 – Sport
June 24-25 – Sport
June 26-27 – Advanced
July 8-9 – Evolution
July 10-11 – Challenge

Las Vegas Motor Speedway
September 19-20 – Sport**
September 24-25 – Sport
September 26-27 – Advanced
September 30 – October 1 – Evolution
October 2-3 – Challenge
November 19-20 – Sport
November 21-22 – Sport

Corso Pilota Preview
Exclusively for prospective owners
May 2 – Homestead
September 23 – Las Vegas

GT3 Test Drives
April 30 – Homestead
October 4 – Las Vegas


Sport – Fiorano Track
May 4-5
June 15-16
June 26-27
July 10-11
July 24-25
September 4-5
September 28-29
October 5-6
October 26-27
November 5-6
November 13-14

Advanced – Varano Track
June 10-11
July 17-18
September 12-13
October 20-21
November 19-20

Evolution – Misano Track
September 23-24

Challenge – Varano Track
September 9-10

Limited Edition – Vallelunga Track
Sport, Advanced and Evolution level
October 15-16